Historical Fiction We All Love: Tess Thompson!


Do you like Historical Fiction? How about romance and intrigue? Then we’ve got a book for you!


Stephanie from Amazon says it’s, “Beautifully written with an engaging plot that intertwines the lives of each of the main characters.” 

Obsession. Ambition. Betrayal.

Left in an orphanage as a young child, Miller Dreeser vowed to someday live a life of wealth and prestige. He obtained that life, with no thought of the consequence to those he used as puppets on a string to get there. His acceptance into the world of the socially elite is not enough to conquer his internal demons, and that unquenchable ambition may cause him to lose it all.

Surrounding him is a rich tapestry of characters—lives filled with love, heroics, and a yearning for more. His singular focus threatens them all. Will anyone survive Miller’s secret?

Author Tess Thompson explores themes of power, deceit, and dangerous obsessions in this suspenseful, page-turning post World War II drama.


Tess Thompson: Award Winning Author.

Tess Thompson is a women’s fiction novelist living in a suburb of Seattle. Like many of her characters in her bestselling romantic suspense series, she hails from a small town in Oregon. This past summer she married the love of her life, inheriting two bonus sons and three cats to go with her two girls and two cats. Yes, that’s four kids and five cats. In 2016 her novel, “Duet for Three Hands”, won first runner-up at the RONE Awards in the American Historical category. Her latest historical, “Miller’s Secret” is out today!

In addition to the sneaky peek at her book, Tess has also agreed to an interview. She’s so kind for putting up with us, don’t you agree? So let’s hear from Ms Thompson…

Thank you for the sneak peek of your book, Tess. Of all your characters, which was your favorite to write?

This is always a hard question because I love all my characters. They become real to me, like friends or family. However, in this case, it’s easy to answer. There are four POV’s in this book. Miller Dreeser, one of those four, is the antagonist. I don’t want to give too much away, but he plans something terrible. It was hard to connect to the darkness in him that would cause him to choose to do an evil act.

When did you know this was the book you were going to write?

Last April, my fiancé and his two boys, along with my two girls, went to my hometown in southern Oregon to meet my parents and brothers. We stayed at a bed and breakfast that overlooked the mountains. It was such a peaceful and happy time. Surrounded by beauty and relaxing is often when I’m at my most creative. One morning, I woke to an image of a young man looking out his bedroom window to see a young woman sketching in a notebook. I thought it would be the first scene of the book, but it ended up a scene in part II of the book, but that image was the primary seed for the rest of the story and characters.

How much of yourself is invested in each character?

Playwright David Mamet says all his characters are some part of himself. I’ve always felt that was true for most writers, as we can’t truly write characters we don’t understand on a fundamentally deep level. In Miller’s Secret, I share at least one quality with each of the main characters: the outsider jealous of those with wealth and prestige; the young woman raising a baby by herself; the woman married to a man who is absent from their family life; the young war hero who’s lost part of himself, but refuses to give up on life.

How do you realize scenery in your books? Research? Imagination? Memory?

I use research, in this case, scouring photos from the era, along with my imagination and the memory of the time I’ve spent on the beautiful California coast. For most of my books, it’s a combination of the three, especially in my historical.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

I love it when an image falls into my mind, like it did that morning in Oregon, and the entire book sort of writes itself. I also love when characters or plot surprises me in the middle of the writing process. I love rewriting, fiddling with sentences and paragraphs until it expresses exactly what I want it to.

What one thing are you uniquely proficient at that is not writing?

Well, this one gave me pause. I can’t think of a thing! Drinking wine? Does that count? (Editor’s note: yes, it totally counts) I have to write because I’m not very good at most other things.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Travelling via teleporting. Is that a super power? (it is.)

Where can we get your book?

Everywhere that books and ebooks are sold. If you’re a book store consumer, you may have to have the clerk look it up for you and have it ordered. Other than that, all the ebook platforms, and, of course, Amazon for both paperback and electronic. If you’re on a budget, ask your local library to order it for you.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently finishing the first draft of the fourth River Valley series book, Riversnow. This will come out in April. After that I’m writing the sequels to my two historical, Miller’s Secret and Duet for Three Hands. Both these books require a trip to France for research. Fortunately, my new husband has agreed to take me there for a honeymoon this coming summer.


-Thank you Tess! And have a great time on your honeymoon!

Writer Wednesday: Camela Thompson


Check these ladies out!

Author Camela Thompson and her dog Annie, President of the Arch nemesis obliteration Coalition.

So majestic. So queenly.

That there is Camela Thompson and her doggo, Annie.  Camela is an accomplished author who has recently released the third book of her Hunted Series, Visions & Bones.  Annie is the President of the Arch Nemesis Obliteration Coalition.

Both of them agreed to let me preview the new book for you today. And if you like it, you’re in luck! Because until July 16th – all three books in the series are on sale for $0.99.

Book 3 of the Hunted series

Book 3 of the Hunted series

Chapter 1

Mike’s dress shoes slapped against the pavement in rapid tempo, the sound echoing up the brick walls of the buildings on either side. His sports coat billowed behind him while ragged breaths tore through his throat. He slid to a stop, his high-end shoes lacking purchase on the wet pavement. The alley smelled of piss and rotted meat, covering the stench of his fear. He scanned the entry points to the alley and then shot his gaze along the rooftop. Not seeing movement, he rattled the handle of the closest door.

“Shit.” Locked.

The next doorknob turned a fraction before the sharp catch of the lock jarred his arm. Sweat, more from panic than the warm summer night, stood on his neck and steamed against his collar. He scrambled to the next door. When the latch lifted and the heavy door gave way, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The guy washing dishes didn’t bother to turn. The cook, a fat man with a shadow of a beard, raised an eyebrow but said nothing as he lifted the handles of the deep fryer baskets.

Mike rushed past them and ducked into the men’s room. He grabbed a handful of paper towels and went into a stall to wipe away his sweat. The towels came away from his body tinted orange. Fortunately, his black clothes wouldn’t betray him. He stepped out of the stall, checked to make sure he was alone, and buried the towels beneath a mound of crumpled paper in the bin. He washed his hands and leaned to the mirror to check his eyes. Dark, but the whites showed. He visited the bar often. The lighting was crappy enough that no one would notice.

Jay’s Bar had a reputation as one of the seedier establishments near Pioneer Square. Thursday nights were slow, but Mike wouldn’t stand out. The usual mix of patrons could only be described as rumpled. Some wore wrinkled suits, some wore torn jeans, but all of them had the look of someone trying to hold onto their meager existence while doing their best to forget the past. True to form, the regulars sat hunched over their grimy piece of real estate at the bar. Mike slid onto the only empty stool, not bothering with the tables scattered around the room.

“Mikey! The usual?” Abe’s blue eyes shone under his abundant eyebrows. The man had gone gray long ago, but his beard stubbornly held onto red pigment around his mouth. Mike had often been tempted to tell the man it made him look disturbing.


Abe set a glass in front of Mike and poured generously. He eyed his customer before setting the booze behind the bar. “You look like you’ve been running a race.”

Mike pulled at his collar, rubbing the material against his skin. “Nah. It’s just warm out.”

Abe snorted. “Right.”

A wave of heat pressed against Mike’s back.

“It is muggy.”

Mike’s skin crawled. The woman’s husky voice would be sexy under normal circumstances. He gripped his glass until his knuckles shone white. Afraid the tumbler would shatter in his hands, he eased up but didn’t dare turn around.

“What can I get you?” Abe’s voice was friendly, but he stared at Mike with an eyebrow raised.

“I’ll take whatever he’s having and buy him another round. Why don’t you join me at a table, Mihael?”

Mike’s eyes dried up and his scalp tightened. He hadn’t been called by that name in over one hundred years. He thought about making another run for it, but now that he was around people, she couldn’t hurt him. “Sure, Olivia. Why not?”

Camela Thompson lives with her incredibly supportive husband and strange dog in Seattle, the city where cloud cover and shadows rule. How else is a girl supposed to keep her luminescent (perfectly pasty) complexion? The rain also provides the perfect scapegoat for hiding inside with a laptop, her dog, and a hot cup of tea. Excuses for reclusive behavior get considerably more creative during the summer (she may or may not have a mild sun allergy).

And don’t forget to check out the other books in her series!

all the pretty bones cover 7.12.16


After ten years of living in the shadow of her stalker, a diagnosis of terminal cancer pushes Olivia Kardos to take matters into her own hands. Her final days will not be spent isolated from the world, nor hiding like a hunted animal. It’s time for Mark Porter to die.



blood Spirit Bone cover 7.12.16

A stay of execution is dependent on Olivia’s acceptance of her inheritance—a duty to kill anyone who risks exposing the supernatural to the human world.

Writer Wednesday: Michael G Munz

Check this guy out:

Michael G. Munz: Author Extraordinaire

Michael G. Munz: SciFi Author Extraordinaire

Mike is an award-winning author of speculative fiction. And he’s our kind of geeky for sure. I mean, he has his own light saber and everything:

Michael Munz and Tiffany Pitts duel with light sabers as Thor Michaelson, Pawcifer of Justice, tries to break up the fight.

Thor Michaelson does not like where this is going.

Even if it is red, Mike is a good guy. And what’s more, he writes really fun books. The kind of books where you spend your entire family vacation hiding in the closet so those people will just leave you alone to read.

The first book of his that I read was Zeus is Dead. I recommend it. It is truly hilarious. He’s also the author of the New Aeneid Cycle – a scifi series with all sorts of awesome technology and lots of intrigue and uh…coverty-ness. I read the first two books and have been eagerly awaiting the third one…


I am happy to report that the third book is finally done! And it’s coming out soon! And even more exclamation points because I got a sneak preview of the cover!!11!!eleventy!!

Wanna see?

Cover art for Michale G Munz's A Dragon at the Gate



Here’s the blurb:

A Dragon at the Gate
(coming August 17, 2016)

Michael Flynn has lost time. An operative in the worldwide conspiracy known as the Agents of Aeneas, the last thing he remembers is the struggle to retake Paragon—the derelict alien spacecraft found crashed on the Moon. Yet that was three months ago. Now, as he wakes in a hospital back in the high-tech, urban strife of Northgate, his struggle begins anew.
The Agents of Aeneas have vanished.
His friends are either missing, in danger, or altered. Hired killers shadow his every move. And Jade, the mysterious, cyber-enhanced woman watching over him, will give no answers. Thrust into a blind search for the truth, Michael needs allies. Yet whom can he trust when once loyal friends may have turned against him?
Meanwhile, an intelligence thought trapped within Paragon has escaped to Northgate. Driven to fulfill the goals of the mysterious “Planners,” it, too, seeks allies. When it finds them, it will transform the face of Northgate, the world, and the entire human race.
The year 2051 draws to a close, and nothing will be the same.

Following A Shadow in the Flames and A Memory the Black, A Dragon at the Gate is the third and final book in Michael G. Munz’s cyberpunk series The New Aeneid Cycle: In the high-tech urban violence of the mid-21st century, humanity seems destined to destroy itself. Now those who seek to save it may have just found the means.

For more news about A Dragon at the Gate, and all of Michael G. Munz’s writing, visit MichaelGMunz.com, follow him on Twitter, or subscribe to his newsletter.